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Redirecting in handle method  – checkFormRedirect In ATG
The server lock manager synchronizes locking among various ATG servers, so only one at a time can modify the same item. At least one ATG server must be configured to start the /atg/dynamo/service/ServerLockManager component on application startup. For more info Click Here.
The deployment process is initiated by the /atg/deployment/DeploymentManager component, which is also responsible for sending JMS messages that signal the start of each subsequent deployment phase. It Manages the deployment of repository items from a source repository to a target repository.
Dynamo also includes a SingletonSchedulableService, atg.service.scheduler.SingletonSchedulableService, which enables multiple Dynamo servers to run the same scheduled service, while guaranteeing that only one instance of the service performs the scheduled task at a time. This provides some protection from server failures, as the loss of one Dynamo server does not prevent the scheduled service from running on another Dynamo server. For more info