checkFormRedirect In ATG

checkFormRedirect() In ATG is : –
  • method of GenericFormhandler class
  • use to redirect to the SuccessURL if no form errors are found and to ErrorURL if form errors are found.
  • also use to forward the request rather than redirect (based on userForwards parameter)
  • internally use redirectOrForward method os same class.
  • return true or false
Use of checkFormredirect()

Forward Request Instead of Redirect

There are some situations when there is need to forward the request to get request parameter on success url. So to acheive this functionality we just need to set useForwards property true.

Internal Implementation of chechkFormRedirect()

Internal Implementation of redirectOrForward()

Note :- checkormRedirect() is provided by GenericFormhandler class so you need to extend this class to use this method. 

  • shyam mohan