How Volume Pricing Works In ATG – Example of Bulk Price Using PriceList

ATG OOTB supports volume pricing. We don’t have to make any changes to get bulk pricing works. Below are the simple steps for bulk pricing

  • Create a new price list “Bulk Price List” in bcc with simple configuration
  • Go to Catalog – Select Sku – Price List Tab
  • Select newly price list “Bulk Price List” and select “Volume Pricing” in dropdown
  • A pop up will appear to set the bulk price like below


  • Deploy the project in BCC.

How It Works Using Pre-calculator

  • Set the pre-calculator ItemPriceListCalculator in ItemPricingEngine
  • It will automatically check the pricing scheme whether it is list, bulk or tiered
  • PriceListsBulkCalculator is the component responsible for Bulk Pricing and this component is being called from ItemPriceListCalculator based on the pricing scheme.

How It Works Using Custom Code

  • First get the price item from price list
  • Then get the price by passing the quantity.