Half Girlfriend

Chetan Bhagat again bang with his new novel “Half Girlfriend” The story is all about a Bihari Boy who is not good in english and a Girl who is very good in english. So with this beautiful love story this novel tries to cheer you up for how to your dreams. Buy this book at Flipkart…

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Sometimes We Need A Kick To Slog

I use to think brain is most important organ of my body but wait a minute who is telling me this, again my brain so don’t always follow him. Here it is described by well know Author Chetan Bhagat Sometimes, I look back and wonder, how on earth did all this happen? I remember my days…

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Dare to Do!!!

Dare to dream and you will find how aspiring the world is… Dare to start and you will find how beautiful beginning is… Dare to ask and you will find how less you know… Dare to say and you will find how strong your views are… Dare to share and you will find how caring…

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