How To Create Component In ATG – GenericService Class

For creating nucleus components your component class must implement number of interfaces to get the desired functionality but we can simplify our work by extending only one class. ATG provides a base class that provides smooth integration into the ATG Nucleus: atg.nucleus.GenericService

  • loggingDebug
  • loggingError
  • loggingInfo
  • loggingWarning
  • name
  • nameContext
  • resolveName(): Finds a component by its Nucleus path name.
  • isRunning(): Tells what the current status of this component is.
  • doStartService/doStopService(): Are run when the component is started or stopped by Nucleus.

doStartService and doStopService methods to perform any setup or cleanup operations. For instance, if you had a component that established a connection with a third-party system, doStartService() might create and maintain a socket connection, and doStopService() would cleanly terminate the connection.

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