Swagger Documentation With Jersey

First question, What is Swagger? According to Wiki, Swagger is an open-source software framework backed by a large ecosystem of tools that helps developers design, build, document, and consume RESTful Web services. Why we need Swagger With Swagger, you can maintain your REST services effectively. It is good for both business users and UI developers…

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ATG Session Management – Sharing Parent WAR Session ID

In Java every web application has its own session information and this session information is applicable only with in that web application only. The application server like JBoss, Weblogic etc. are responsible for managing session for the web application. So What’s the big deal in ATG Session Management if session is managed by App Server??…

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Send Multiple Cookies As Part Of Response In Jersey Rest API

Jersey Jersey RESTful Web Services framework is open source, production quality, framework for developing RESTful Web Services in Java that provides support for JAX-RS APIs and serves as a JAX-RS (JSR 311 & JSR 339) Reference Implementation. Sending Multiple Cookies While using REST API sometimes there is requirement to to maintain the cookies or session…

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ATG Unplugged – Miscellaneous ATG Thread

Working on ATG ? Want to work on ATG ? Have knowledge of ATG ? Want to know ATG ? You have learned something new about ATG ? Want to learn new things about ATG ? If for any of above your answer is YES, then you land on the right place. So lets begin READ and WRITE. By…

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checkFormRedirect In ATG

checkFormRedirect() In ATG is : – method of GenericFormhandler class use to redirect to the SuccessURL if no form errors are found and to ErrorURL if form errors are found. also use to forward the request rather than redirect (based on userForwards parameter) internally use redirectOrForward method os same class. return true or false Use…

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Creating Dynamic Success URL In FormHandler In ATG

Success URL In FormHandler in ATG Success URL in ATG is the URL used in formhandlers when we want to redirect the user after successful submission of form whether it is creating, updating or deleting a row. e.g

The above code will redirect the user to “succesurl.jsp” after successful submission of form i.e row…

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ArrayList Class In Java

ArrayList Class In Java:- ArrayList uses array to store the elements. It extends AbstractList and implements List, RandomAccess(Marker Interface), Cloneable, Serializable. Three Constructors are available in ArrayList:- ArrayList() – Constructs an empty list with an initial capacity of 10. ArrayList(Collection<? extends E> c) – Constructs a list containing the elements of the specified collection, in the order they are returned…

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ATG Interview Questions

ATG Interview Questions For 1-2 Years Experience Explain Architecture of ATG. What is Nucleus ? What is Repository in ATG ? Which Formhandlers you have used in ATG ? How Droplet Work ? How will you define one to many relationship in repository. How you use MAP in one to many relation. Difference between item-type…

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