Process Steps When We Deploy Any Web Application On Server

When we are creating and deploying any web application on server, the following tasks happened on server side. Step 1:- web.xml parsed by using SAX Parser and stores in to memory. Step 2:- ServletContext object will be created and initialized by sevletContext parameter specified in web.xml. <context-param>………</context-param> Step 3:- Thread Pool will be created. Step 4:- Servlet…

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Difference between init() & init(ServletConfig)

Question-What’s the difference between init() & init(ServletConfig) and Which is better ? Answer- Before start we have to understand the servlet flow. For example you have servlet LoginServlet which extends HttpServlet

And your HttpServlet internally extends GenericServlet.

Now servlet container flow Step 1. Loads the servlet class and create instance of the servlet…

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