CakePhp Association With Example

CakePhp Association Example

CakePhp provides a very powerfull mechanism to handle relation between models ( i.e foreign key relationship between database tables ) by itself with the call of just one function.

The four association types in CakePHP are:
hasOne, hasMany, belongsTo, and hasAndBelongsToMany (HABTM).

Here I am giving expamle for hasOne association in CakePhp.

There will be two models : –

  • Seller – This model refer the basic seller info. and link with sellers table in database and have onetone relationship with the SellerProperyInfo.
  • SellerProperyInfo – This model refer the seller property info and link with Seller model via foriegn key relationship and all these associations are defined in the model classes.

Linking Model Classes : –

We are done with the linking model classes with hasOne relation now we have to build a form so that user can enter both seller and seller property info.

After making form we just have to make a single function call and it will save the data in both the tables according to the relation defined in model classes. Below is the function call in the controller.

For more information go to Cake Docs