Solved : HTTP 302 – ATG Rest MVC Response

ATG REST MVC framework leverages existing Droplets, Form handlers and Components. As REST MVC uses the form handler in web service call, form handler internally redirects to either Success Url or Error Url. So due to this every time we invoke any actor that uses form handler always give HTTP 302 Moved Permanently because internal redirection happens on…

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Thank You

If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me. Kind woman, I give you my all, Kind woman, nothing more. Little drops of rain whisper of the pain, tears of loves lost in the days gone by. My love…

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Solved : Unable to retrieve site definition for site id: /storeSiteUS

The most common error when we try to hit the CRS home page after installation is

Causes for the above error are :- Baseline Indexing Make sure that your baseline indexing is completed for all components. Promote Content If all indexing are completed successfully make sure that you have fired the promote_content.bat script. CRS…

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ATG Unplugged – Miscellaneous ATG Thread

Working on ATG ? Want to work on ATG ? Have knowledge of ATG ? Want to know ATG ? You have learned something new about ATG ? Want to learn new things about ATG ? If for any of above your answer is YES, then you land on the right place. So lets begin READ and WRITE. By…

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Creating ATG Module From Scratch (without cim configuration)

Creating new atg project in eclipse is always a bummer for ATG beginners (was also for me). So here it is simply described how to create an ATG module from scratch. Prerequiste JDK7 ATG11.1 JBoss6+ Oracle 11G Eclipse With Installed ATG Plugin After getting all the required software installed open the eclispe and go with…

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checkFormRedirect In ATG

checkFormRedirect() In ATG is : – method of GenericFormhandler class use to redirect to the SuccessURL if no form errors are found and to ErrorURL if form errors are found. also use to forward the request rather than redirect (based on userForwards parameter) internally use redirectOrForward method os same class. return true or false Use…

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TreeSet Class in java

TreeSet Class In Java:- TreeSet is backed up by NavigableMap in Java and by default it uses TreeMap.The elements are stored in sorted, ascending order according to natural order with uniqueness. We can construct a TreeSet with constructor that give the collection with own rules for what order we want by using a Comparable or…

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Repository API In ATG

Repository API In  ATG is : set of interfaces that are used for generic data access. use to manipulate repository items within Java code, including retrieving, creating, updating, deleting, and querying for items. provides generic data access calls that mask the underlying data store from the developer.(any database can be use as it convert the data…

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HashSet Class in java

HashSet uses hash table to store the element it extends AbstractSet class and implements Set, Cloneable, java.io.Serializable.An object of this class is responsible to creating Hashtable (actually a HashMap instance) in memory and store element in Random manner with uniqueness. Every Collection implements :- Cloneable, java.io.Serializable interface. Four Constructor is available in HashSet- 1. HashSet() Constructs a new, empty set; the backing HashMap instance has default initial capacity (16)…

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Derived Property In ATG

Derived Property In ATG is a transient property (not associated with a column in a table) that: Derives its value from another property Can search through a series of properties to find a non-null value Specifies the derivation mechanism in the XML Repository Definition File by using a <derivation> tag Derived properties provide a way…

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Creating Dynamic Success URL In FormHandler In ATG

Success URL In FormHandler in ATG Success URL in ATG is the URL used in formhandlers when we want to redirect the user after successful submission of form whether it is creating, updating or deleting a row. e.g

The above code will redirect the user to “succesurl.jsp” after successful submission of form i.e row…

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ArrayList Class In Java

ArrayList Class In Java:- ArrayList uses array to store the elements. It extends AbstractList and implements List, RandomAccess(Marker Interface), Cloneable, Serializable. Three Constructors are available in ArrayList:- ArrayList() – Constructs an empty list with an initial capacity of 10. ArrayList(Collection<? extends E> c) – Constructs a list containing the elements of the specified collection, in the order they are returned…

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What is System Class in java

System Class In Java:- is a core class. provides number of method and class fields. is available in java.lang package. provides facility like Standard input,Standard output,error stream output, loading files and libraries, access to externally defined properties and environment variables and a utility method for quickly copying a portion of an array. Unique Features in System Class:- System…

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ATG Interview Questions

ATG Interview Questions For 1-2 Years Experience Explain Architecture of ATG. What is Nucleus ? What is Repository in ATG ? Which Formhandlers you have used in ATG ? How Droplet Work ? How will you define one to many relationship in repository. How you use MAP in one to many relation. Difference between item-type…

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