Request Flow of Struts 1.x

There is following task is happening when you deploy any web-application which is developed in Struts 1.x, Step 1:- All Step of web-application deployment will be done first Process Steps of any web-application at deployment Step 2:- Because of configuring ActionServlet with <load-on-startup> tag, ActionServlet is initialized at container startup. Step 3:- Container invokes service(request,response)…

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Process Steps When We Deploy Any Web Application On Server

When we are creating and deploying any web application on server, the following tasks happened on server side. Step 1:- web.xml parsed by using SAX Parser and stores in to memory. Step 2:- ServletContext object will be created and initialized by sevletContext parameter specified in web.xml. <context-param>………</context-param> Step 3:- Thread Pool will be created. Step 4:- Servlet…

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