Swagger Documentation With Jersey

First question, What is Swagger? According to Wiki, Swagger is an open-source software framework backed by a large ecosystem of tools that helps developers design, build, document, and consume RESTful Web services. Why we need Swagger With Swagger, you can maintain your REST services effectively. It is good for both business users and UI developers…

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Cache Adapter In ATG

Cache adapter in ATG works in a similar way like EHCache does. We just have to call get(id) method of cache component. Here the passing parameter in get method will work as a key. For implementing cache adapter in ATG we need following components. XXXCache


XXXCacheAdapter.java (Just provide implementation of getCacheElement. Override others will…

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Bean Filtering In ATG REST MVC

Bean Filtering In ATG REST MVC is use to filter the response using beanFilteringConfiguration.xml of /atg/dynamo/service/filter/bean/BeanFilterService component. Filter the Response – What does it mean? Here filtering is used in context of sending only required properties in REST MVC response whether JSON or XML response. How Bean Filtering Works? ATG provides beanFilteringConfiguration.xml for manipulating the…

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ATG Session Management – Sharing Parent WAR Session ID

In Java every web application has its own session information and this session information is applicable only with in that web application only. The application server like JBoss, Weblogic etc. are responsible for managing session for the web application. So What’s the big deal in ATG Session Management if session is managed by App Server??…

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Default Shipping Group & Payment Group ATG

When an Order is first created, it has an empty ShippingGroup, which serves as the default Shipping Group for the Order and also an empty Payment Group which serves as the default Payment Group for the Order. The type of default groups that are created is determined by the defaultShippingGroupType & defaultPaymentGroupType property of the…

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