ATG Interview Questions

ATG Interview Questions For 1-2 Years Experience

  • Write a custom Formhandler.
  • Write a Custom Droplet.
  • What is open parameter in droplet ?
  • How to set open parameter ?
  • What are different Scopes of Component ?
  • Which is default Scope of a Component ?
  • Can we make a form handler a Session Scope Component ?
  • Can a Global Scope Component make a call to Request Scope component ?
  • Can a Request Scope Component make a call to Global Scope component ?
  • Shopping Cart component scope and why ?
  • What is the class of shopping cart component ?
  • What is Targeter and Scenario ?
  • How to Create Repository ?
  • Which are the Properties in Repository Property File.
  • What is definition file of Repository ?
  • Difference between item descriptor and repository item ?
  • How to refer other repository items.
  • Which design pattern does ATG uses ?
  • How pricing work in ATG ?
  • What is a Pipeline in ATG?
  • How to use Caching and different type of Caching in ATG.
  • Question based on Personilzation.

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  • prakash

    how ATG pricing work..

  • Guest

    pricing work

  • raju

    what is limitation of Droplet in atg?
    can any java classes we can make component?

    • we can point $class property to any class in component properties file so any class can be used.

    • Limitation is like something is not able to do particular task for which it is designed and I think droplet is capable of all the task for which it is designed so no limitation 😉

  • raju

    what are open parameter and output parameter in droplet?

    • oparam specify the HTML rendered by the droplet. They include the value of the output parameter. They may also call other droplets or other DSP tags.
      Output parameters set by the droplet, passed to and rendered within an oparam.

  • raju

    what are different condition where anonymous profile can be persisted?

  • raju

    which out of box component need to change when you want to customize shipping group or payment group?

  • raju

    what are all the different states of order you can find in the shopping cart?

  • raju

    what is property which allow you to switch b/t different order states?

  • raju

    Which design pattern does ATG uses ?
    ATG uses dependency injection or IOC (Inversion of control) pattern.

    JSP–>FromHandler –> Manager –> Repository

    A global component is a singleton component

    MVC – Droplet is an example of MVC

  • raju

    why eCommerce are using ATG ?

    Integration with third party:
    User Interface is key:
    It can be suitable with ANY where data

  • raju

    what is transit property in atg and how we are implementing in ATG?

    • raju

      Transient properties are never stored or read from the persistent data store. They are readable and writable, but not queryable.

      • raju

        You can specify a transient property by defining a tag that is not associated with any database table, but which is instead a direct child of an tag. For example, in the following example, the user item descriptor has a transient property that specifies whether the user is logged in at that time:

        You can also define an entire item descriptor to be transient. Such an item descriptor has no tags and no properties that are direct children of a tag.

        on jsp:-

        . . .

        • here we are using “Profile.transient” but property name is “loggedin”…so how they connect ?

          • raju

            her is sample example that how we can use in jsp and xml

    • in simple words not connected to db.

  • raju

    cart question:

    If we had added 2 phone and 1 computer in cart then how we can show 3 item have been add in your bag?

    • raju

      shoppingcart.current.commerceItems –> foreach

      • for each loop will run only for 2 times..so in this case u have to create a variable outside for loop and keep adding the quantity :)

  • raju

    how we can get user first name wher user login to a site in atg?

    welcome <dsp:value of bean"/atg/userprofiling/profile.firstname".Guest

  • raju

    default scope of droplet is global but can we set scope as session and request?

    • yes you can make it session in case where you need to carry information between multiple pages e.g like payment processing droplet.

  • Satyanarayana Gokavarapu