ATG Interview Questions and Answers For Exprienced

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  • What Is Servlet Pipeline In ATG ?
  • How to write a Custom Servlet – Steps to write a new inject able servlet in pipeline.
  • What is Commerce Pipeline – Steps to write a new processor.
  • Payment Pipeline In ATG.
  • Steps to add a new SM, SG, PG, properties into Order, CI.
  • Configurable Skus in ATG.
  • Various FH used in Checkout Flow.
  • Taglibs in ATG.
  • ClickLockManager and ServerLockManager in ATG.

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  • Web Services IN ATG.
  • REST MVC – Actors Chains and Bean Filtering.
  • Repository Item Inheritance – where it is used in ATG OOTB (some examples).
  • Property Descriptors and Usage.
  • Schedulers In ATG.
  • ATG Personlization.
  • Events and Listeners.
  • Repository Caching – Various Types.
  • Locking Mechanism In ATG.
  • Transaction Modes In ATG.
  • Order Updation In ATG – Steps need to follow.
  • Collection F/W in Java (Mainly HashMap internally storage)
  • Java Servlet Life Cycle
  • Request Dispatcher In Servlet.
  • Cache adapter in ATG