Application Logging In ATG

For logging you can use logging capabilities of built-in components of ATG. ATG provides GenericService class in order to use logging in your component smoothly.

But If your component extends a non-ATG base class, and you are therefore unable to use GenericService as a base, you can still take advantage of ATG logging by implementing atg.nucleus.logging.ApplicationLogging interface.

So if you want to do logging without GenericService you can use this interface.

The logging methods are:

  • logDebug
  • logError
  • logInfo
  • logWarning

Each of the logging methods can take a string, a Throwable (such as an exception), or both.

  • Narendra Reddy

    hi sahil, can u tell me how to enable looging debug on ApplicationLogging

    • Narendra, LoggingDebug is for components and ApplicationLogging is not a component. For enabling it you need to create a component which implements ApplicationLogging interface and then enable its properties.

      Please let me know if any concern.